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Allspares Koolstoffilter voor Type 10 / F00330S

Allspares Koolstoffilter voor Type 10 / F00330S

  • Product number: AS-AZKF994
  • Brand: AllSpares

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Allspares Koolstoffilter voor Type 10 / F00330 S

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DD8625-M AEG
DU4361-M AEG
DU4361-W AEG
DU4161-W AEG
DU4361-M9 AEG
HU3360-W AEG
DU4360-M AEG
DU4561-AD9 AEG
HU4360-M AEG
DU3360-W AEG
DU4361-AD9 AEG
DU4561-M AEG
DU4161-D AEG
DU4361-D AEG
DU4561-M9 AEG
DU4161-M AEG
SL16.1 (BK) Ariston
SL16.1 (WH) Ariston
SL16.1 (IX) Ariston
SL16.1P (BK) Ariston
SL16.1P (WH) Ariston
SL16.1P IX Ariston
SL19.1P (BK) Ariston
SL19.1P (WH) Ariston
SL19.1P (IX) Ariston
SL16-1-P-IX Ariston
SL19-1P-IX Ariston
DC5355SW Bauknecht
DC5355WS Bauknecht
DC5360IN Bauknecht
DC5360SW Bauknecht
DC5360WS Bauknecht
DF5363BR Bauknecht
DF5363IN Bauknecht
DF5363SW Bauknecht
DF5363WS Bauknecht
DF5560IN Bauknecht
DF5560WS Bauknecht
DF5563IN Bauknecht
DFH5363BR Bauknecht
DFH5363IN Bauknecht
DFH5363WS Bauknecht
DFH5393IN Bauknecht
DFH5393WS Bauknecht
DFK5360IN Bauknecht
DC5355 Bauknecht
DF5363 Bauknecht
DFH5393 Bauknecht
DFK5360 Bauknecht
DFK5390 Bauknecht
AKS422AV Ignis
AKS422IX Ignis
AKS422ME Ignis
AKS422NB Ignis
AKS422WH Ignis
AKS438NB Ignis
AKS634IX Ignis
AKS681AV Ignis
AKS681IX Ignis
AKS681WH Ignis
AKS927IX Ignis
AKS948IX Ignis
CH100S Ikea
CH100W Ikea
CH110W Ikea
CH140W Ikea
HOO050S Ikea
HOO100WetS Ikea
SHD100W Ikea
HOOA00S Ikea
AKR400AL Whirlpool
AKR400AV Whirlpool
AKR400IX Whirlpool
AKR400ME Whirlpool
AKR400NB Whirlpool
AKR400WH Whirlpool
AKR403WH Whirlpool
AKR404AV Whirlpool
AKR404WH Whirlpool
AKR405AV Whirlpool
AKR405WH Whirlpool
AKR409IX Whirlpool
AKR409NB Whirlpool
AKR409WH Whirlpool
AKR414WH Whirlpool
AKR417AV Whirlpool
AKR417WH Whirlpool
AKR423AV Whirlpool
AKR423ME Whirlpool
AKR423WH Whirlpool
AKR437AV Whirlpool
AKR437IX Whirlpool
AKR437WH Whirlpool
AKR441IX Whirlpool
AKR442IX Whirlpool
AKR442NB Whirlpool
AKR442WH Whirlpool
AKR443WH Whirlpool
AKR444AV Whirlpool
AKR447IX Whirlpool
AKR447NB Whirlpool
AKR447WH Whirlpool
AKR501WH Whirlpool
AKR502WH Whirlpool
AKR521ME Whirlpool
AKR521WH Whirlpool
AKR623IX Whirlpool
AKR623NB Whirlpool
AKR623WH Whirlpool
AKR646IX Whirlpool
AKR647ME Whirlpool
AKR647WH Whirlpool
AKR653AV Whirlpool
AKR653WH Whirlpool
AKR654AV Whirlpool
AKR654WH Whirlpool
AKR655AV Whirlpool
AKR655IX Whirlpool
AKR655WH Whirlpool
AKR656IX Whirlpool
AKR656NB Whirlpool
AKR656WH Whirlpool
AKR657IX Whirlpool
AKR657NB Whirlpool
AKR657WH Whirlpool
AKR658AV Whirlpool
AKR658WH Whirlpool
AKR684IX Whirlpool
AKR684NB Whirlpool
AKR684WH Whirlpool
AKR934AV Whirlpool
AKR934IX Whirlpool
AKR934ME Whirlpool
AKR934NB Whirlpool
AKR934WH Whirlpool
AKR935IX Whirlpool
AKR935WH Whirlpool
AKR961IX Whirlpool
AKR962IX Whirlpool
AKR964IX Whirlpool
AKR964NB Whirlpool
AKR964WH Whirlpool
AKR978IX Whirlpool
AKRR968IX Whirlpool
AKR441NB Whirlpool
AKR441WH Whirlpool
AKR422IX Whirlpool
AKR423AL Whirlpool
AKR400 Whirlpool
AKR404 Whirlpool
AKR409 Whirlpool
AKR414 Whirlpool
AKR417 Whirlpool
AKR422 Whirlpool
AKR437 Whirlpool
AKR441B Whirlpool
AKR442N Whirlpool
AKR447 Whirlpool
AKR501 Whirlpool
AKR502 Whirlpool
AKR521 Whirlpool
AKR623 Whirlpool
AKR646 Whirlpool
AKR647 Whirlpool
AKR653 Whirlpool
AKR654 Whirlpool
AKR655 Whirlpool
AKR656 Whirlpool
AKR657 Whirlpool
AKR658 Whirlpool
AKR934 Whirlpool
AKR935 Whirlpool
AKR961 Whirlpool
AKR962 Whirlpool
AKR964 Whirlpool
AKR978 Whirlpool
AKS422 Whirlpool
AKS423 Whirlpool
AKS634 Whirlpool
AKS635 Whirlpool
AKS681 Whirlpool
AKS927 Whirlpool
AKS948 Whirlpool
G2PCHV2 Whirlpool
HOO100WetS Whirlpool
SHD100W Whirlpool
SHD110W Whirlpool
FHT6136B Faure
FHT6136W Faure
FHT6136X Faure

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General Information

AllSpares Koolstoffilter Type 10 

Inhoud: 1

Deze filter is geschikt voor als alternatief voor de volgende filters:

647278 / 00647278
647277 / 00647277 vervangt 00647276 / 647276

 LZ24000 / DHZ2400 / VVZ11V10

902979380-0 // 9029793800
5029064900-8 // 50290649008, 5027456700-2 // 5027887000-6



Indesit Merloni
C0090776, C00095231

 481248048134, 481249038011, 481281718533

CHF85/1 CHF851 Model85 Modell85 Model 85 Modell




Type 10 // Typ 10 // Typ10 // Type10



EAN 7321422815564
Merk AllSpares
Levensduur (in maanden) 6