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Bosch Draaiplateau 299545

Bosch Draaiplateau 299545

  • Product number: 299545_bo
  • Brand: Bosch

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Bosch Draaiplateau 299545

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Brands Type numbers
HMT620A01 Bosch
HMT622A01 Bosch
HMT640A01 Bosch
HMT642A01 Bosch
HMT720B01 Bosch
HMT722B01 Bosch
HMT740K01 Bosch
HMT742K01 Bosch
HMT810A01 Bosch
HMT810A02 Bosch
HMT812A02 Bosch
HMT812A01 Bosch
HMT816A01 Bosch
HMT816A02 Bosch
HMT820G01 Bosch
HMT822G01 Bosch
HMT826G01 Bosch
HMT82G42001 Bosch
HMT82G42002 Bosch
HMT82G45002 Bosch
HMT82G45004 Bosch
HMT82G45005 Bosch
HMT82G45001 Bosch
HMT82G62005 Bosch
HMT82G62004 Bosch
HMT82G65035 Bosch
HMT82G65004 Bosch
HMT82G65005 Bosch
HMT82G66004 Bosch
HMT82G66005 Bosch
HMT82M42001 Bosch
HMT82M42004 Bosch
HMT82M42005 Bosch
HMT82M62004 Bosch
HMT82M62005 Bosch
HMT82M65005 Bosch
HMT82M65004 Bosch
HMT82M66004 Bosch
HMT82M66005 Bosch
HMT830B01 Bosch
HMT832B01 Bosch
HMT835B01 Bosch
HMT836B01 Bosch
HMT840KGB01 Bosch
HMT842K01 Bosch
HMT842KGB01 Bosch
HMT845K01 Bosch
HMT845KGB01 Bosch
HMT846K01 Bosch
HMT84G42001 Bosch
HMT84G42002 Bosch
HMT84G42004 Bosch
HMT84G42104 Bosch
HMT84G42105 Bosch
HMT84G45001 Bosch
HMT84G45004 Bosch
HMT84G45104 Bosch
HMT84G45105 Bosch
HMT84G46002 Bosch
HMT84G46004 Bosch
HMT84G46104 Bosch
HMT84G62104 Bosch
HMT84G62105 Bosch
HMT84G65104 Bosch
HMT84G65105 Bosch
HMT84G651A05 Bosch
HMT84G651A04 Bosch
HMT84G651B04 Bosch
HMT84G651B05 Bosch
HMT84G651W05 Bosch
HMT84M42001 Bosch
HMT84M42004 Bosch
HMT84M42105 Bosch
HMT84M42104 Bosch
HMT84M421B05 Bosch
HMT84M45004 Bosch
HMT84M45001 Bosch
HMT84M45104 Bosch
HMT84M46105 Bosch
HMT84M46104 Bosch
HMT84M62104 Bosch
HMT84M62105 Bosch
HMT84M621B05 Bosch
HMT84M621B04 Bosch
HMT84M65104 Bosch
HMT84M65105 Bosch
HMT84M651B04 Bosch
HMT84M651B05 Bosch
HMT84M66105 Bosch
HMT84M66104 Bosch
HMT84M661B04 Bosch
HMT84M661B05 Bosch
HMT860L01 Bosch
HMT860L02 Bosch
HMT862L02 Bosch
HMT866L01 Bosch
HMT866L02 Bosch
HMT870G01 Bosch
HMT872G01 Bosch
HMT875G01 Bosch
HMT876G01 Bosch
HMT880G01 Bosch
HMT880G02 Bosch
HMT880H01 Bosch
HMT880HGB01 Bosch
HMT882G01 Bosch
HMT882G02 Bosch
HMT882H01 Bosch
HMT882HGB01 Bosch
HMT885H01 Bosch
HMT886G01 Bosch
HMT886G02 Bosch
HMT886H01 Bosch
HMT910A01 Bosch
HMT912A01 Bosch
HMT916A01 Bosch

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General Information

Bosch Draaiplateau 299545


EAN 3662894425153
Merk Bosch
Content 1
Diameter (mm) 315
Artikelnummer(s) fabrikant 299545