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Loader DV-04-042 DV-04-041

Loader DV-04-042 DV-04-041

  • Product number: LDC6060
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Loader DV-04-042 DV-04-041

General Information

Loader DV-04-042 or DV-04-041 with HPD65A laser.

Used in the following models:

Audi 4E0 910 888F
Audi 4E0 035 887M
Audi BE6313
Audi BE6399

Audi MMI3G

- 4E0 035 652A
- 4E0 035 666A
- 4E0 035 887M
- 8T1 035 652F
- 8T1 035 666D
- BE6364
- JTB-074

BMW M-ASK 2 navigation unit
BMW 65.12-9 186 213
BMW 65.12-9 131 717


Mercedes W211/W219 E/CLS Class Headunit Model 7023 & 7039 DVD Comand APS
Mercedes W169/W245 A/B-Class Headunit Model: BE6093 DVD Comand APS
Mercedes Benz 164 ML-Class Headunit Model: BE6094 DVD Comand APS
Mercedes Benz W203 C-Class Headunit Model: BE6096 DVD Comand APS

- APS Comand BE7042
- APS Comand BE7093
- APS Comand BE7094
- APS Comand BE7095

 Mercedes APS Comand BE7042
Mercedes Audio 50 APS BE7050 (W204)
Porsche PCM3 navigation system

Puegeot Citroen NG4 BE6446 BE-6446