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Neff Draaiplateau 299545

Neff Draaiplateau 299545

  • Product number: 299545_ne
  • Brand: Neff

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Neff Draaiplateau 299545

General Information

Neff Draaiplateau 299545

Afmetingen: rond, diameter 31.5cm

Geschikt voor o.a. de volgende modellen magnetron:

H5612B0; H5612N0; H5612S0; H5612W0; H5630G0;
H5630G1; H5630W0; H5630W1; H5631B0; H5631B0;
H5631W0; H5632B0; H5632B0GB; H5632N0; H5632N0GB;
H5632W0; H5632W0GB; H5640G0; H5640G1; H5640W0;
H5640W1; H5641B0; H5641W0GB; H56G20N0; H56G20N0GB;
H56G20S0; H56G20S0GB; H56G20W0; H56W20N0GB; H56W20S0
H56W20S0GB; H56W20W0; H56W20W0GB; H5940W0; H5942B0GB;
H5942N0; H5942S0; H5942W0; H5942W0GB;


EAN 3662894425153
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