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Neff Draaiplateau 299545

Neff Draaiplateau 299545

  • Product number: 299545_ne
  • Brand: Neff

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Neff Draaiplateau 299545

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Brands Type numbers
H5612B0 Neff
H5612N0 Neff
H5612S0 Neff
H5612W0 Neff
H5630G0 Neff
H5630G1 Neff
H5630W0 Neff
H5630W1 Neff
H5631B0 Neff
H5631W0 Neff
H5632B0 Neff
H5632B0GB Neff
H5632N0 Neff
H5632N0GB Neff
H5632W0 Neff
H5632W0GB Neff
H5640G0 Neff
H5640G1 Neff
H5640W0 Neff
H5640W1 Neff
H5641B0 Neff
H5641W0GB Neff
H56G20N0 Neff
H56G20N0GB Neff
H56G20S0 Neff
H56G20S0GB Neff
H56G20W0 Neff
H56W20N0GB Neff
H56W20S0H56W20S0GB Neff
H56W20W0 Neff
H56W20W0GB Neff
H5940W0 Neff
H5942B0GB Neff
H5942N0 Neff
H5942S0 Neff
H5942W0 Neff
H5942W0GB Neff

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General Information

Neff Draaiplateau 299545


EAN 3662894425153
Merk Neff
Content 1
Diameter (mm) 315
Artikelnummer(s) fabrikant 299545